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Expand your reach by extending your shelf life.

BevCorp has developed a unique and proprietary cold filtration system that increases the shelf life of fresh (organic) milk and raw juice, coconut water and cold-brewed coffees and teas from weeks to months. Unlike Ultra High Temperature (UHT), High Pressure Processing and other shelf life-extending processes such as ultra and double pasteurization, our cutting-edge technology has no impact on taste or nutritional value. And we’re the only ones who can make that claim.

“Fresh with a global reach”

The demand for fresh (organic) milk, raw fruit juice, coconut water and cold brewed coffee products, has never been stronger. However, the shelf life of fresh beverages is too short to allow them to be shipped over long distances. Traditional methods of increasing shelf life such as heating, excessive pressure or additives negatively impact flavor and quality. Our proprietary cold filtration system extends shelf life from days to months without compromise. We help our customers improve on quality so their consumers can enjoy the organic dairy or fresh juice bar experience everywhere and affordably.


Our cold filtration is proven and validated for a wide variety of delicate liquids. We continuously work on the development of new applications.


We empower brands…literally extending their reach. Our customers can boast the best tasting, longest lasting, least processed and most nutritious brands in the market. Our unique benefit package stimulates brand sensitivity in the most lucrative segment of the beverage market.

BevCorp’s production platforms marry a unique filtration technology with best partners in the sourcing, processing and packing/packaging of fresh milk and fruit juices. We’re a one-stop shop for best in class partnerships.

Research & Development

Our technology has been studied and vetted by leading research facilities. The packaged products meets the food and safety requirements of all major dairy and beverage markets, including China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the US and Europe. Our dedicated team spans the beverage industry expertise spectrum – with special emphasis on R&D. Together, our team represents decades in the dairy, raw juice, coconut water and cold-brewed coffee businesses. Our products are produced using Sievecorp technology, the world’s leading supplier of advanced filtration systems for the beverage industry.

Your Opportunity

We would like to hear from you. Together, we can tailor-make a solution to help grow your business in this booming market. And we can do it for you at one of our international production hubs or filter on-site at your factory.

Why BevCorp?

  • Radically increased shelf life with no impact on taste or nutrition.
  • Opportunity to open new markets, extend reach and increase margins.
  • Maximum taste with minimal processing.

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